Goei Gerief aka Nick Maris. I am a camera operator and video editor. Born in 1991 in Heultje. Started freelancing while finishing my bachelor degree. Working for clients like RTV and ‘De Firma’. In 2019, I founded my own independent film production company ‘Goei Gerief’. Now I’m working for clients such as Sabouge, Friction Productions and many more. 

NAME: Nick Maris
ADDRESS: putte
MAILADDRESS: info@goeigerief.tv
BTW: BE0738 994 005
IBAN: BE20 7370 5077 1156

– Friction Productions
– Sabouge
– Genorimo
– Panda Productions
– Heartmade Media
– De Firma
– 100.000 Volts
– Frame Media


– Helden van Hier
– Anouk Matton Privé
– Op een Ander
– Luchthaven 24/7
– Blind Gesprongen
– Pech Onderweg